Orsa Marine Ltd as an affiliate of IMMA Global Group provides the following marine services & brokerage:


ORSA Marine Ltd. has been for many years a reliable service provider of ship registration and allied services for most well known flags including the below mention. Using its vast network of offices, certificates are delivered in real time in all parts of the world.

  • Barbados,
  • Belize,
  • Comoros,
  • Georgia,
  • Honduras,
  • Liberia,
  • Moldova,
  • Mongolia,
  • Panama,
  • Palau,
  • Samoa,
  • Sierra Leone
  • Kitts&Nevis,


  • CRS (IACS)
  • Class ARS,
  • OMCS,
  • Macosnar,
  • ICS,
  • PSR,
  • IRS,
  • POLSKI (IACS as agent only),
  • Rina (IACS as agent only),
  • BV (IACS as agent only),
  • ABS (IACS as agent only),


  • ORSA Marine also assists seafarers in preparing all requisite documents like medical fitness certificates in various locations, necessary training and up gradation of competency through IMO accredited organizations. ORSA Marine Ltd. is capable of processing seafarer’s licenses and endorsements under the following flags:
    • Barbados,
    • Belize,
    • Comoros,
    • Georgia,
    • Honduras,
    • Liberia,
    • Moldova,
    • Mongolia,
    • Panama,
    • Palau,
    • Samoa,
    • Sierra Leone
    • Kitts&Nevis,


ORSA Marine Ltd. has been empanelled by the government as Safety Inspectors / Surveyors for many Flag State administration and nominated business development consultants for Class Societies like PRS, International Register of Shipping.

By virtue of these positions, ORSA Marine Ltd. is authorized to carry out Statutory Surveys and safety inspections as well as various other marine related services on behalf of it’s principals under 16 countries including,

  • Barbados,
  • Belize,
  • Comoros,
  • Georgia,
  • Honduras,
  • Liberia,
  • Marshall Islands,
  • Moldova,
  • Mongolia,
  • Panama,
  • Palau,
  • Samoa,
  • Sierra Leone
  • Kitts&Nevis,


Established in 2005 with a team of dedicated professionals qualified in Marine  Insurance, Risk Management, Claims Handling, Legal Consultancy and Practical Solutions to all marine-related problems; Kuzey Marine solely aims to provide high quality, prompt and competitive service to all clients and maritime enterprises, in a manner blended with independence, knowledge, professionalism, innovation and continuity. Our main motivation & driving force is solely concentrated on meeting our clients’ expectations at best possible terms by providing round the clock service & practical solutions to all marine-related risks & problems.

Marine insurance is a highly specialized area, which brings with itself the requirement of different types of insurance covers. We therefore, place tailor-made business according to the exact needs of clients all around the world by providing the following services (as per each type of cover and marine risks) at all times;

  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I): 3rdparty liability cover for shipowners.
  • Hull & Machinery Insurance (H&M): Insurance for loss or damage to all types of vessels.
  • P&I, H&M Accredited Survey; Investigation for damages on machinery and industrial equipment, colaboration with major companies handling similar cases.
  • Providing consultancy and shore training (Incident/ Accident Investigation,Risk Management, TMSA, IHM-Inventory Hazardous Materials , ISM-DPA-ISPS-MLC 2006,Integrated Management System
  • Assisting managers in preparing vessels for SIRE (Ship Inspection Reporting Programme) and OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database ) of OCIMF
  • Consulting and Marketing Management  for ship management software program- NAVATOM 
  • Providing IHM – Inventory Hazardous Material under approval of many Class Societies,
  • Flag Inspection (ASI) for Panama Maritime Administration
  • Freight, Defence and Demurrage (F.D & D)

Legal assistance and consultancy. F.D & D cover insures the shipowner against legal costs to incur from defending or pursuing any claim lodged against the insured vessel.

  • Time Charterer’s P&I and F.D & D Liability Insurance
  • Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR) iro Sea Pollution Liabilities
  • Cargo in transit Insurance & Cargo Insurance
  • Crew Claims / Crew Personal Accident Cover
  • Hull Interests, i.e. Increased Value and Freight
  • War, Strikes & Piracy Risks
  • Marine Kidnap & Ransom
  • Loss of Hire
  • Vessel Trade Disruption
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Charterers’ Cover for GA / Salvage Costs
  • Stowaways & Bunker Smuggling Issues
  • SOL (Shipowners Liability Insurance)
  • Cruise Cancellation Insurance (including terrorism)
  • Marina Insurance & Insurance for Stevedore Terminal Operators & Port Authorities
  • Insurance for NVOCC operators, Freight Forwarders
  • Ships Cash, Concessionaires, Personal Accident Insurance

6. Project Management


  • Supervision of new building and ship repair on behalf of owners,
  • Third party inspection of products,
  • Detailed project reports and feasibility study,
  • Project planning and management in fabrication and construction.

7. Marine Risk Consultancy

The Marine Risk Management Department of ORSA Marine is manned by qualified and highly experienced insurance professionals, which enable us to provide customer solutions to their needs in H&M, P&I, Cargo and other risk cover in maritime sector.



  • Taking Merchant Ships under Company Management;
  • Technical Management of Ships;
  • Commercial management of Ships;
  • Preparation of Ship Purchase Feasibility Reports and Projects;
  • Dry cargo brokerage for smaller and handy size of Merchant ships;
  • Short and long term time and / or Bareboat Charters;


    • Hull & Machinery Condition Survey,
    • P&I Entrance Condition Survey,
    • ISM/ISPS Code Office & On Board Audits/Consulting,
    • Ship and Yacht Condition and Valuation Surveys,
    • MLC-2006 Surveys (Sound, Light and Vibration measurements and tests, plan drawings accordingly.),
    • Hazardaous Material Inventory Determination , (HazMat)
    • Flag Representations,
    • Pre-entry and damage survey for insurance,
    • Cargo Claim Surveys,
    • Draft survey,
    • On Hire/Off Hire Surveys,
    • Bunker Surveys.
  • Pre-loading Inspections,
  • Loading/Discharging Supervisionary Services,
  • Damage Control,
  • After Accident Inspections,
  • Reporting,
  • Hold Check Ups before loading ,
  • Application of hatchcover tightnesses,
  • Cargo Planning,
  • Cargo Stowage Control,
  • Tally supervision,
  • Damage or Loss Determination,
  • Taking essential photos in lots Daily,
  • Ship hold and hatchcover tightness tests,
  • Making Lashings of all types,
  • Lashing Control,
  • Lashing Certification,
  • Loading and Unloading supervisions,
  • Quantity and weight supervision,
  • Quality,
  • Sample collection,
  • Damage,
  • Sealing and Unsealing,
  • Warehouse Control,
  • Vehicle supervision,
    • Compliance Control,
    • Damage and Loss Surveys,


      • New Building and second hand ship sale and purchase. Intermediary service for ship demolition,
      • Steel ve Mineral (Iron Ore, Copper, All types of metal scrap) sale and purchase,
      • Energy products (coal, coking coal),
      • Agricultural Products (corn, soya bean, cotton etc.),
  2. Feasibility Reports according to ship type, size and design referring to market researches,
  3. Shipyard selections,
  4. Shipyard and new construction Acts,
  5. Shipyard technical aspect Acts,
  6. Plan approvals,
  7. Inspection and supervision services during construction,
  8. Alternative ship registry and flag selection, company establishment etc.,
  9. All class registry activities,
  10. P&I and Hull & machinery Insurance,
  11. Alternative procedures for commercial ship management,
  12. Machinery Damage and Defects,
  13. Crankshaft Failures,
  14. Grounding and hull damages,
  15. Cargo heavy or full damage determinations,
  16. Cargo loss and damage determinations,
  17. Damage analysis,
  18. Prevention costs,
  19. P&I responsibility searches,
  20. Salvage,