TSL Petroleum Solutions

IMMA Global Group Oil-field and Mining Services:

  • Mining Site Management
    • Complete Plant Management
    • Efficiency and Productivity Based Solutions
    • Local Regulation and Int’l Service Consulting
    • BOT – Build+Operate+Transfer Servicing from DTH to End-User
    • Preventive Maintenance Programs
    • Capacity Optimization
    • Transporting and Logisitc Services
    • Onshore & Offshore Services
  • Oilfield Management
    • Drilling
    • Testing
    • R & D
    • Core Detection
    • Well Management
    • Oilfield Expertise
    • Searching & Engineering
    • Onshore & Offshore Services


  • Crude processing
  • Naphta processing
  • Gas to liquid processing
  • Steel structures
  • Complete turn-key EPC projects
  • Repair & maintenance (PMP)
  • Technology & know-how

Storage & Logistics

  • Tank-farms
  • Management & logistic organization

Commodity Trading

  • Crude oil trading
  • Refined products trading

Provision of

  • Wells project management for land and offshore
  • Drilling engineering and production enhancement
  • Subsea, wellhead and well control equipment engineering
  • Production technology, completions and well testing
  • Well integrity, assurance and QHSE
  • Well operations performance management
  • Logistics and remote operations support
  • Contracts and procurement
  • Drilling rig contracting and program consolidation
  • Insurance services
  • Wells abandonment


Engineering / Project / Construction / Maintenance / Operating

Catalytic Isomerisation and Aromatisation of Low-Octane Gasoline

Process: Final Product

During intial refining of oil (depending on feedstock) light distillates can be refined:

  • Gasoline: 92/95 Octane
  • Diesel: Euro3 or Euro4
  • Kerosene: To enrich diesel LPG
  • Fuel oil: SRFO

The proposed oil refining processes increases the depth of oil refining up to 85-90%.

The optimum capacity for IMMA’s mini refining is calculated on an annual volume of 100-500 MT/day. In terms of crude refining means: – Up to 18.000 bpsd

IMMA’s Mini-Refining Solution Benefits

  • Fully automated
  • Low costed solutions for naphtha or crude oil refining to achieve marketable product with Euro3, Euro4 or Euro5 norms including 92, 95 or 98 octane gasoline, diesel, SRFO, and LPG
  • Minimized property, staff, initial investment and running cst requirements.
  • Optimized capacity with quick start-up
  • Floating Unit availability on a barge or a ship
  • Availability to setup HFO/SRFO/Diesel power plant to generate electricity

Repair & Maintenance

IMMA also offers entire engineering, maintenance and operating solutions for  petroleum processing plants


Courtesy pictures of IMMA tank farm project in Bandirma & Aliaga