IMMA Global Group, as a Turkish & Belgium joint-venture, with the partners/subcontractors in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Sweden and Finland; providing products and services in Africa, Middle East, Asia projects; with a motto of:

“European Standard with Competitive Pricing”

enables her to be an industrial organization with her unique engineering, manufacturing and contracting for oil & mining, construction, energy and transporting industries. IMMA’s top in the class team provides the following solutions worldwide dedicatedly:

Oil & Mining

  • Mining Machinery: Crushing and screening equipment, concrete batching plants, turn- key open-pit mining solutions
  • Crude Oil Refining (Primary, Secondary & Turn-key)
  • Trucks & Semi-Trailers: Mining construction, logistics and municipality purpose trucks, tractor heads and semi-trailers.
  • Industrial buildings & facilities, warehouse and premises
  • Oilfield and mining management services
  • Cryogenic tanks, downstream stations, transporting units, skid containers, power generating units
  • Onshore and offshore Activities


  • Steel structures for residential and commercial buildings Real estate development
    Industrial buildings
  • Light steel gauge houses and camps
  • Prefabricated houses, containers, warehouses
  • Subcontracting for infrastructures and buildings for grid lines, piping, cladding, glass, windows including the laboring


  • Crude to power generating
  • Naphtha to power generating
  • LNG to power generating
  • Onshore or offshore power units
  • Powership design/build/operating


  • Industrial ship-building
  • Jack-up barges, accommodation barges, work barges, offshore drilling rigs
  • Custom boats for high speed, crew, pontoon, supply vessels
  • Operating for offshore drilling, management and servicing vessels
  • Design, build, operating abilities with competitive pricing and delivery


  • Custom design machinery, processing plant, tool, material supplies
  • Cryogenic tanks to tank farms
  • Steelworks including commissioning and operating