Michèle™ , a registered trade mark of Cazgır A.S. & IMMA Global Technick S.A., is dedicated to provide unique solutions for cryogenic tanks for the following liquefied gases as Liquid nitrogen (LIN), Liquid argon (LAR), Liquid oxygen (LOX), Liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), Liquid hydrogen (LH2), Liquid natural gas (LNG), Liquid nitrous oxide (LN2O) with a capacity range up to 100,000 liters with standardized working pressures of 18, 22, or 36 bar respectively by complying EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and ASME Standards in addition to GOST and other local regulations. Each tank is vacuum-insulated and can be delivered as a vertical or horizontal installation. The inner vessels and piping are made of stainless steel to ensure high-grade cleanliness – particularly important for the food and electronics industry. The outside shell is specially coated and a vacuum-perlite system with a molecular sieve adsorbent is applied to ensure outstanding insulation.

  • Regasification Stations
  • Stationary & Bulk Cryogenic Tanks for REGAS & Filling Stations
  • Cryogenic Semi-Trailers
  • Cryogenic Skid Containers
  • Cryogenic Tanks
  • Turn-Key Projects for Regasification / Distribution / Final Usage

Michèle™ is a registered trade mark of Cazgır A.S. & IMMA Global Technick S.A.

Michèle™ contracts for stationary or mobile regasification units as CE, PED and ASME standards with certificated products and commissioning.

  • Designed as per customer request and requirements.
  • Prefabricated and installed as per various P&I, design pressures, on a drop deck container or on a skid unit, as Lin/Lox/Lar filling systems according to LNG skid customer stations,
  • Sizes vary between 7.57 m3 (2K) to 40 m3 (10.5K)
  • As per CE & ADR standards, cryogenic semi-trailers:
  • Volume : 52m3 to 52m3
  • Standard : EN13530-2 ADR (TPED)/IMDG
  • According to EAC TR TC 032/2013 for EU and RF Traffic/Road Regulations
  • X-Ray : 100%
  • Working Pressure : 7 bar with or without pump
  • Test Pressure : 9,1 bar
  • Insulation : Vacuum + Super Insulation (Or as percryogenic product regulation/customer requirement.

Cryogenic Semi-Trailers / Mobile Stations

  • 60 m3 – 105 m3
  • ASME / DOT + Canadian Standards / Regulations + Australian + African Regulations
  • Based on the applicable local regulations
  • Working Pressure: 2 – 6 bar (29 – 87 PSI)
  • Test Pressure: 65 – 130 bar (130 – 348 PSI)

Cryogenic Skid Containers

Michèle™ Cryogenic Containers are:

  • Made of TPED, ADR/RID, IMDG, DNV 2.7.1/EN12079-2, and T75 UN PORTABLE TANK certified,
  • ASME/CE Certified,
  • Onshore and Offshore Units
  • Size: 22 m3 (20 ft) to 44 m3 (40 ft)
  • The working pressures can be altered based on customer’s specific needs and specifications.

Cryogenic Tanks

Michèle™ Bulk Cryogenic Tanks are:

  • PED & CE & ASME certifications
  • Can be used for LNG Regasifications and/or Filling stations. (As per local laws and regulations also applicable)
  • Size between 5 m³ to 300 m³ vertically and/or horizontally.
  • The working pressures, dimensions and designs can be altered based on customer’s specification and requirements.
  • P&I can be altered based on customer specific operational needs and Including

Turn Key LNG Projects

  • TANKS +

Turn Key Cryogenic Projects

Conforming Standards